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A high quality professional website can greatly assist you in increasing your sales, exposure to prospects and lend credibility to your business. Having our team on your side gives you an edge over your competition, we are your website design team without the overhead of staying inhouse while maintaining the professionalism and personalization you need in order to effectively represent your brands needs.

Edge of the Map, Inc is committed to the planning and execution of successful business solutions.

Our team of experienced diverse web designers use web standards based design techniques to effectively implement your design needs into a user friendly online experience for your customers. Remember 99% of your customers online browsing time is spent viewing other company's websites. In web design, it's imperative to maintain standards, from where to place your navigation, to why sitemaps are important, web standards are not a "code", but guidelines, guidelines that if not followed must be so incredible that they pave the way as a new standard.

The introduction of the online market, brought challenges business owners weren't prepared for, competition went from a store down the street that had like product, to hundreds of thousands "stores next door".

Your web solution begins with finding the right web designer for your needs in order to help the process we've suggested a few common questions to ask during your initial visit. Whether you choose Edge of the Map, Inc as your web design solution, or another website design agency, we want to prepare you with some helpful questions to ask.

    1. What is your current availability?
    2. Who will be my project manager?
    3. What type of ongoing website support do you offer after the launch?
    4. Will we be able to maintain the website in-house?

These only represent a few of the many questions you should ask your next website design agency, look for how people answer your questions, and know that if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't, you want to have the confidence to know that the agency you use to design your website will be able to effectively implement your brand from the planning stage through launch.