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Digital logos give your marketing flexibility. Imagine your hand sketched logo blown up to a roadside marketing sign, with a digital logo you can use your branding logo as small or as large as you would like.

Whether your logo was created years ago by your great great grandfather, when computers weren't the ideal design environment, or your illustration is hand drawn on a napkin. Our graphic artists will take your image and digitize it for use among a multitude of mediums.

If your here, you've probably found yourself with a project that needed your logo larger than it currently is, maybe layer separated for screen printing, or even found that you needed your logo to be printed at 300 dpi while the file your designer gave you was merely at the web standard of 72 dpi, and now your designer is nowhere to be found.

After using our logo digitization service you will have a vector graphic, in multiple formats, either emailed or mailed as files on disk, whether you need your logo for print, web or video, the file formats we provide you will be more than adequate for your needs. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing the next time you "go to print" that your illustration will be clean and crisp without the pixeled-look of raster graphics, you'll have the freedom to place your logo in your word document, power point, or website with ease.

Logo Embroidery Digitizing vs. Logo Digitizing/Logo Vectorizing

When logos are digitized for embroidery the artist uses the vectorized logo file to create the stitch pattern that will be used in the embroidery machine. This digital embroidery file is set up so that stitch densities, lengths, stitch directions, thread changes and stitch types are communicated between the software and the sewing machine. Some embroidery vendors offer file set-up for a fee, generally it is suggested to have your embroidery file set-up by the vendor you plan to use for your embroidery work as they generally know what particulars will work best with their equipment, we recommend when working with the vendor to ensure that the set-up fee includes ownership of the embroidery file. The digitized logo file you receive from Edge Of The Map, Inc is a clean crisp vector file to be provided to a embroidery vendor or used in other marketing formats, not an embroidery file.

Ordering your logo digitization is easy, simply contact us via phone or email, let us know what your graphic looks like (it's best to send a file) and we'll respond with a quote. Please note our logo digitization services are priced per project, some projects may be as seemingly simple as a circle, while others are more complex and are priced accordingly, deposit is requested prior to start of digitizing your logo, final payment made upon approval of graphic. We understand and respect our client's need for confidentiality, therefore, all designs submitted for digitization are kept in strict confidence.