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Innovative brochure design captures your audience. In a market where rock solid, well established brands no longer exist, the stability of your brand is critical for you to convert prospects into customers. By engaging your prospects and simplifying your customers options while using innovation design, your brochures will pack the punch, so to speak that's necessary, to survive in today's market.

By Definition: in-no-va-tive means, tending to innovate or characterized by innovation.

In order to define innovative, we must first look at the root of the term, innovate. By definition: innovate means to introduce as or as if new, or to make changes, do something in a new way.

By introducing innovation into the design process, the results are incredible. While design standards must be followed to properly execute any piece of marketing material, introducing something new to the mix helps your brochure stand out among the others, it elicits attention.

Edge of the Map, Inc's graphic designers integrate innovative design through 3D graphics, imagery, layout, typography and color that not only compliment your brands identity but support it. Our designers dive into your companies plan and execute creative designs to further establish your brand into your brochures.

Brochure design process:
  We receive your completed Design Questionnaire.
  We contact you with any questions and to review the answers of your design questionnaire.
  We receive a deposit to begin design.
  A minimum of 2 designers begin working on your innovative brochure design concepts.
  We send you a digital proof of at least 2 custom designs (based on the package chosen).
  You review the designs with your team and provide feedback.
  We revise the designs to further narrow your concept choice and present you with a revised   brochure design concept.
  You review and approve design.
  We receive final payment.
  You receive your innovative brochure files in print ready formats.

Questions? Contact us today regarding your innovative brochure design project. Let's find a solution for your marketing collateral needs.

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